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The data objects are organized according to the characteristics or facets which are shown in the grey boxes. The numbers in the brackets show how many results are in that facet. To start browsing pick an option from one of the facets.

Syntax and Person facets have been automatically extracted from books listed in the Book Titles facet. Usually a couple of first chapters in each book have been processed.

Syntax facet might have value for people interested in linguistic patterns. Persons (or characters) facet contains more relevant information for the audience. Similar facets and their relationships will be added in the future (Context categories). Currently some character attributes have been extracted and tagged by the semantic tagger which uses tools such a natural language parser. The results of the parser are used as a basis for methods including word sense disambiguation and reference resolution.

The database is structured using semantic web data formats.
To be real semantic web data, this data should be available for other applications in the net and/or this application should harvest related contents from other sites.
For now, this acts as a normal centralized database.

Core functions of the interface to the semantic web data are based on the Semantic Web Environmental Directory portal demonstrator developed by Hewlett Packard as part of the SWAD-Europe project .

Sample Screenshots

Information extraction -- Character Attributes, age

Information extraction -- Characters (Persons)

Event extractor

First attempt is to extract some frequently occurring event nouns... topic detection?